Freeverses Vol. 1 #SoMuchOnMyMind

by Jorok

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released June 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Jorok Orlando, Florida


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Track Name: Style Wars
The full moon rose high above the city sights
Changing tides so we adapt to the city life
This jungle has no pity it's meant for the gritty type
Hustlers pimps pushers predators pack a killer bite
They wipe your memory and drain you of your energy
Lose your identity in the misery or the ecstasy
Of the everyday struggle puzzled muzzled by masters
So we crafted our own language just to have this
Perfection crafted from practice
Now turned into a passion
With fashion perception guides the reaction
Of a world conditioned by friction
writing became an addiction for expression
Cause these people wouldn't listen
I had to show them
How we was growing
So I got up
Fat caps and king forty fours
Poured the ink onto the walls
And spoke messages that needed more addressing
The streets press
My medium for media the ink sets
What affect could I truly have
When the powers can cover up our entire past
Those obstacles claimed as unstoppable were hollow and less probable to truly steer our path
To greatness
Now they infiltrate with fake shit impostors monster mobsters
All for monetary gain
I call'em lobsters cause they crabbing up the game
And buying souls for fame,
Everybody stakes a claim, but don't nobody want the pain
That comes with the work, they lost the value the worth, so they slaves
It's mental first... we getting jerked,
Chickens talking tough I just kill them with a buff
Yes it's certain you can trust
Everyday's a test on
how not to get cuffed
Jakes give chase
Challenges we face on a daily base
My call of duty Ghosts cause I never leave little trace
I'm just here to lace
The world with art
Founded from the start
The culture lives in my heart
All I ever wanted was to be a part
Of the history
Now I bless'em lyrically
Master of ceremony
Conducting verbal symphonies
With Infinite affinity
Track Name: Your World feat. Kristen Warren
Verse 1:

My soul's conception was so intended for preservation
cultural conservation closer to restoration rather than renovation for purpose of entertainment

I feel the hunger pains thats simply understate the blatant I'm only focused on the moves we making knowledge we taking we back to basics supporting the foundation

I rep the average person working hurting empty pockets
For them I'm rocking fulfilling dreams and never stopping
That's perseverance persecuting procrastination but practice makes perfect I appreciate the affirmation
I show you gratitude most definite thru dedication
Building freely more then masons
that's my motivation



Greater scale in grandeur preying everyday I matter
I live by standards which dub as
answers to why I'm anxious
It seems your antics have disenchanted my slight advantage
I never panic I put in motion the way I plan it
Steady spinning records rotations for the planet
Revolutionary seeds is all we planted
The future is in the hands of ...
the children we steady building
That's word to my grand son
And the many millions under the sky's pavilion just steady living
Thru the worlds division with little vision of dreams, hopes
Or ambitions

Something's gotta change
Or be rearranged
Things can't stay the same
Or we gon feel the pain

Guilty if we stand by and don't do a thing
Guilty when we contribute to this reckless game
I'm seeing everyday
The world just waste away
No time to play I know it's time to make a change
Track Name: The Answer
Verse 1

I never said I had the answers
Just the passion for advancement
My life needs the progression
That's why I'm so aggressive
I'm here by my decision
Suffer from the division of
Mind body sacrifice
Expressed in every lyric
I thought you knew my spirit
Now you question all my motives
Maybe it's the way that I wrote it
The way I told it
My story's far from finished
But I live for every moment
Love is just a potion
Some say it wears if it isn't potent
Broken or just eroded
Spoken after I wrote it
It's the little things I'm holding
Focused cause I was chosen
In Photos our time is frozen
Posing it's dually noted
Fiction has caused some friction
Affliction and contradiction
I'm wishing you truly listen
My mission is truly missing
understanding my planning
You panic I know that you livid

But your anger is my anger
Every second I'm living
These the reasons I'm seeking
The beacon for the answers

Verse 2

The future is unknown therefore I'm here to forge
Whiled stoned legacy as steel with all that's real about
The feel, the cold of chills so many thrills and how we built
Thru regrets and guilt
Threats distilled compromised over a stand still , A land fill
I'm only honest like the vomit after a mans killed
A dreams crushed casually cause your emotions fascistly
Gravitate to self preservate
Actually that's wrong grammatically
But you understood gradually
(fades out)
Track Name: All I Know
Verse 1

I've seen brighter days
To my dismay turn into storms
there's been many storms since I was born it seems a norm they
Shape the many forms
And prints upon my palms
Impressions play the parts when opinions are formed
But I reveal true when put to the test
Experienced deliverance
Freed from my slave
I write the book this just a page
This just a stage
This just my way of expressing the mundane
We pick the plays that pave the way
For the children today tomorrow is never promised but I promised I'd save the day I'm nothing super more like Krueger in this nightmare
With nice gear just
Slight wear from light years
Without the hype yea but once
You get it we raise the stock
On the block
To show we care
Now they flock
Cause what do we got
It's not a lot but we'd be willing share
It's only fair if it's fair but life has never been fair
The audacity I dare to change
And challenge would seem
And savage to the average

That's All I know

Verse 2

Never known better but now exposing thru expression
Similarities and salaries
Cause the depression
That leads to drug addiction
Recreational prescriptions
Conrad Murray these niggaz now they lifted
Blood is pumping but they sleeping
Slipping on the business
Everyday's a weekend souls can mischief infinite flows quite the distance like the reasons we prolific
Sipping smoking on some good shit
Living loving is the function
Life and art mimic and intertwine the conjunction of what inspires the desires with no disruptions
Meditate to elevate no discussion
So Silence is the opposite spectrum I stay suspecting a darker presence or am I pretending to know nothing what I know is just an essence of what's questioned
mingling with minions impervious to all these blessings divvy them to the process you know I got this
Track Name: Critical Timing feat. Kristen Warren
Dead that nigga did that click clack nigga spit that rig that won't admit that nah he hid that it's fact cause I lived that such a pitch black trap it's a wrap, jack in a box, small like the pox, step -on -my -toes and get pelt by the rock, ripped by my wave feel the jolt of the shock, caught in the current you niggaz should stop, niggaz go pop like they soda and rock, candy with color you niggaz is smothered like children by mothers, you niggaz should stop! There always another who's claiming they hot But really they not, all the statistics they got they done really done bought, obsessed with the numbers the fans they done caught,
I'm schooling these fish, I'm more like a shark, devouring hits when they all from the heart, who's robbing the hood? They hitting they mark, we striving for better you niggaz is wetter I chill in the ark, this is my letter I'm dressing to you, impressions I'm sending investing in you, listen this message intended for you I hope that you listen this shit is for you

A lot of these niggaz be lying and trying on how they be living be whipping and flying, and cripping then flipping to widen the base of
the fans that this music's providing
Bravo bravados you niggaz sticatto
Housing Bugatti don't sleep on tomorrow I woke up divided you niggaz can't hide it, i feed from your sorrow, the skills that you borrow

Never original, never been pivotal packing a pillars I tower like citadels
Pestering power you niggaz is criminals lacking the minerals
jabbing subliminals bwoy

I ain't playing what I'm saying is bigger then basics we building like masons, empirical only in stereo
Digital audible miracles only divisible
Timing is critical
Timing is everything
Time is critical (repeat)

They cater for greater and wallow for haters
Less for the love cause they rap for the papers
Written Recycled good riddance I hate it
The standard you've slated the way that you made it

Mostly illusions your time has concluded
A movement refuted it's time that we mute it
Niggaz be talking they talk and they talking
Your mouth is all action, your lips should be walking
My tongue is a cactus a prick when you touch it
My subjects destruction rebuild it construct it
We hate it you love it you niggaz ain't nothing
I said you niggaz ain't nothing,
I'm cryptic de scripted infectious conditions prescripted
With all the addiction minus the symptoms with all I'm depicting
You still have no vision
Your soul is imprisoned im always the victor your simply the victim
You niggaz ain't listen
Timing is everything
Time is encrypted divided by seconds and hours and minutes
You mimic I live it you take it I give it
Knowledge is power
Power power
Diminished you cowards cower coward you niggaz is pussy like Dwight Howard that's all for the O niggaz I'm home